Behavioral research with animals

HVS Image Video Tracking and Analysis Software

Our users tell us that HVS Image is the quickest to set up, easiest to use video tracking and automated behavioral analysis system around, with the best range of scientific measures and analyses.  We were the first to analyse Morris Water Maze and we still lead the way in other tests allowing custom arena design and multi arena testing.

HVS Image Tracking and Analysis Software for behavioral tests includes:

  • Morris Water Maze (MWM)
  • Open Field (Allows tracking of multiple animals in a
    divided arena or separate containers, with one license and one camera. Up to 5×5 arenas or more.)
  • Object Recognition/Placement (Allows tracking of multiple animals in a divided arena or separate containers, with one license and one camera.)
  • Multi-Arm Mazes such as Elevated Plus, T, Y, Radial Arm Maze.
  • Porsolt Forced Swim Test (including multiple tests simultaneously).
  • Barnes Maze
  • Dry Water Maze
  • 48 or 96 Well Zebrafish Larvae Monitoring
    Please ask for any other test required.
  • Track live or pre recorded behavior.
  • Runs on PC or on Apple running Boot Camp (with USB 2.0 or better).
  • Tracking on one computer per license.
  • You can also analyse HVS Image data on additional computers.
  • Free technical support for three years from purchase date.

You can purchase a full system or software only.

A full system includes everything you need for tracking and analysis, including computer, software, camera with lenses for different experimental set-ups, boosted USB extension cable for camera, ceiling mount for camera, and long range wireless remote for controlling trials away from the PC. Everything arrives together, installed, tested and ready for use.

The software only option allows you to benefit from all the same features at a reduced cost, using hardware you source yourself.

We also provide camera and accessory kits, pools, platforms, arenas and just about anything else you need to set up and run your experiments.