Behavioral research with animals

HVS Image Video Tracking and Analysis Software Our users tell us that HVS Image is the quickest to set up, easiest to use video tracking and automated behavioral analysis system around, with the best range of scientific measures and analyses.  We were the first to analyse Morris Water Maze and we still lead the way in other […]

Simulating animal paradigms in humans using dry mazes

Real Space (non-virtual) Navigation Task As well as virtual reality, HVS Image allows the option to simulate Morris Water Maze (and other tests) in humans using a dry analog and an inflatable full size arena which simulates the pool, maze or arena. For example, in the MWM analog the subject moves around a real, high-walled circular […]

Simulating animal paradigms in humans using virtual reality

HVS Image has 35 years’ experience in animal behavior analysis, with over 1200 cited papers and two Nobel prize winners, and has combined this with 25 years’ experience of human behavior and psychophysics to create the highly immersive HVS 4D VR environment for humans. HVS 4D VR features full stereo 3D with real world physics, […]