Human Dry Water Maze Analog (Hawthorne Maze)

In the Human Dry Water Maze Analog, the subject moves around a real area with a similar task and cues to Morris Water Maze – but scaled up six times compared with the rat task – and is tracked using an overhead camera, just like a rodent in a water maze. We provide the full video tracking system and a high-walled circle that looks the same inside in all directions and can be erected in a large indoor area such as in a sports hall.

Apparatus provided

  • Scaled up dry water maze approx. 8 m internal diameter approx. 3 m tall.
  • Arena is inflatable to allow for easy set-up and storage.
  • Consists of four sections that together form a circle that can open in four places for entry/exit. This allows easy handling, transportation and storage.
  • Entry/exit points are not seen from the inside when closed.
  • The apparatus is suitable for set up in a large indoor area such as a sports court or similar.
  • It is tough and hard wearing but lightweight being made of 0.60 mm hot-welded PVC. This means that it can be put up by two or three people and stored easily when not required.
  • The special construction means that air blowers are not required during use, to avoid the issue of air blower sound giving an indication of direction.
  • The high performance air blower is included.
  • Multiple patent pending design.
  • HVS Image Tracking and Analysis Software for Real Space (non-virtual) Navigation Task.
  • Laptop or All-In-One PC, configured for optimum tracking performance and with above software installed.
  • High resolution USB camera for overhead tracking, with suitably wide angle to view the inside of the navigation area from the ceiling.
  • Extra long boosted USB extension cable for camera.
  • Ceiling mount for camera.
  • Long range wireless remote for software.
  • Tracking on the supplied PC.
  • HVS Image data analysis on the supplied PC
  • Free technical support for three years from purchase date.
  • Shipping is included.
 In normal trials, the system indicates by sound when the invisible virtual platform is reached. In probe trials, the trial continues as if the platform is not present.

The same measures and analyses are available as in the Virtual Reality Morris Water Maze System, and are equivalent to those used in the HVS Image Morris Water Maze for rodents.