how to buy

Although you can purchase online without issuing a purchase order, most institutions will want to go through the following process:

We provide a formal quotation. You can request this from us by email, telephone or using the form on our contact page. (Requesting a quotation does not place you under any obligation.) We usually send the quotation to you by email, and you’ll then need to pass it to your purchasing department or purchasing officer.
Your purchasing department or purchasing officer sends us a purchase order, usually by email.
We submit our invoice to you or to the relevant department.
Payment is usually made by bank transfer, though can also be made by credit or debit card.
If you are in a hurry to get tracking and can’t wait for your purchasing department or purchasing officer to raise a purchase order, you may like to consider buying online. If your credit or debit card spending power is too limited for you to buy a full license outright, you can start with a temporary license, and purchase an upgrade to a full license later. Contact us for details.

Once a purchase has been made, we deliver as soon as possible. For software orders we make the software available for you to download so that you can start tracking right away. If you are purchasing a full system, water maze pool, maze or other equipment, delivery will take longer so if it’s time critical please check the current delivery time prior to ordering, and let us know of any deadline that needs to be met.

If you do not yet have funds, please request a quotation and submit it to your Department, or include it in your next grant proposal.

We are keen to help so if you have any questions, please ask!