Multi-arm mazes

The HVS Image system allows to you to track and analyse trials in any maze type, including those with any number of arms. This includes T maze, Y maze, elevated plus maze, radial arm maze or any multi-arm shape you design for your own experiments.

Calibration is quick and simple with the HVS Image point to point experiment designer.

You can choose which measures and analyses to include in your results files, depending which are relevant to your particular research. If, for example, the arm ends are of importance in your experiment you can use measures relating to the far end of the arm. If you are studying anxiety-like behaviour using the elevated plus maze, you may be particularly interested in the percentage of time spent in the open arms vs the closed arms and / or the number of entries to the open arms vs the closed arms.

The HVS Image system includes all the equipment and software you need for video tracking and analysis, and we can also supply you with mazes of your required shape and size. The system is remarkably quick and easy to set  up and use, but we provide whatever help and support you need to get up and running and run your experiments smoothly.

Measures and analyses provided include:

  • Average speed.
  • Total number of arm entries or entries into defined areas (e.g. arm ends).
  • Number of arms or defined areas visited.
  • Number of entries to each arm or defined area.
  • Latencies to each arm or defined area.
  • Entries to each arm or defined area.
  • Percentage of path in each arm or defined area.
  • Percentage of time in each arm or defined area.
  • Entry-sequence.

For any other measures or analyses you need that are not listed above, or to request a quotation or for any other questions, call us on 0843 289 9119 during UK day time or evening or contact us here.