On-demand or “Atlantis” water-maze platforms

We are pioneers of the Atlantis platform method and we now offer a highly refined enhancement of the original electro-pneumatic design featuring sealed solenoids and Bosch based electrical actuation system.

Atlantis Platform

  • Standard 12cm diameter.
  • Platform vertical range : 23-40cm.
  • Vertical travel : Indefinitely variable to 0 cm-17 cm
  • Silent operation
  • No acoustic cues from air compressor
  • Electrically safe. Low voltage electrics. No mains connection.
  • Standard price single platform $8500. Four platform $29500. Black Base or White Base $300 extra.
  • Or as part of the HVS Image “Water Maze Lab” package

[With the Atlantis Platform] Data show[ed] significantly improved localization of rats trained to the Atlantis platform compared with those trained to the regular hidden platform. Examination of the paths taken in individual transfer tests illustrate the exceptionally focused searching [in] the exact area of the platform. [Subjects] can learn the spatial location of the platform, and remember to stay there, rather than merely developing effective nonspatial search strategies [1]