Simulating animal paradigms in humans using virtual reality

HVS Image has 35 years’ experience in animal behavior analysis, with over 1200 cited papers and two Nobel prize winners, and has combined this with 25 years’ experience of human behavior and psychophysics to create the highly immersive HVS 4D VR environment for humans.

HVS 4D VR features full stereo 3D with real world physics, allowing almost any experiment in any physical environment to be created in minutes (or from a growing library of worlds and objects).

This ranges from replicating animal tests with humans (e.g. Morris Water Maze, Open Field Test, Novel Object Recognition), to studying behavior in virtual forests, suburbs and homes (researching spatial learning, anxiety etc.) with built in analysis and Matlab export.

The interface modes include headsets, gamepads, free walking and the HVS omnidirectional treadmill, on a unique high power HVS 4D VR workstation.

Standard Objects Include

  • Animal laboratory apparatus including Morris Water Maze
  • Standard experimental cues
  • Natural cue set
  • Library of natural objects

Environments include

  • Temperate Forest
  • African Savannah
  • Suburban Environment
  • Home Interior
  • Research Laboratory

Outputs Include

  • .HVS/.SUM file format  (ascii/csv/SPSS/Excel)
  • .bond file format (json compatible)
  • MatLab

Package Includes

  • HVS Image 4D VR environment display , data acquisition and analysis software
  • HVS Image 4D VR Workstation. 8 TeraFLOP+ video processing 90Hz+ framelocked realtime 3D rendering.
  • Option of Gamepad and/or HVS 4D omnidirectional treadmill
  • 4D Headset and sensors

The pictures below don’t do justice to the VR environment, but are 2D representations of the actual models in the HVS 4D VR system.

Example environment: HVS 4D VR Savannah

Examples from the HVS 4D VR Suburb option