Information and Offers for Morris Water Maze Setup, May and June 2017

When planning a series of spatial learning experiments with Morris water maze, it’s important to consider exactly how that spatial learning will be achieved and assessed. Visual cues within or near the pool must be eliminated (including using a pool without inbuilt internal markings) and suitable measures must be taken to allow proper analysis.

Experimenters often start by measuring escape latency with a hand held stop watch, but this can lead to mis-leading conclusions as different strategies are not identified by the latency measure. For example, animals developing a strategy of circling the pool at an appropriate distance from the side will have decreasing latencies, without learning the actual spatial position of the platform.

Fortunately spatial learning can be assessed far more accurately using appropriate video tracking and automated analysis. For detailed information on how and why, see Why Video Track in Morris Water Maze.

Offers: The HVS Image system is particularly strong in providing relevant and insightful measures and analyses for water maze, and is remarkably easy to use and quick to get started with. The offers below provide by far the quickest and easiest way to set up for effective water maze experiments. Offers apply to purchases made before June 30 2017, with an additional 10% saving for purchases made during May 2017.

HVS Image 2017 Video Tracking and Analysis

Refurbished ‘as new’ system including:

  • The latest HVS Image 2017 Video Tracking and Analysis Software.
  • Brand name All-In-One computer.
  • Wide angle HVS Image Lab Cam.
  • Long range wireless remote for starting trials from the pool-side.
  • Use of the analysis software both on the tracking PC and on other computers for convenient analysis of data outside the animal room.
  • Help and Support.

Two systems for the normal price of one ($9830 USD). Also two for one offer on software ($5550).

Atlantis Platform

The Atlantis platform eliminates the problem of extinction in probe trials, where, after going directly to the learned platform position, animals realize the platform is absent and go away to search elsewhere, decreasing the time and path in the target quadrant.

These electromagnetically actuated platforms can be used with any pool or tracking software, not just HVS. There are a limited number of these left and so this offer is subject to availability.

We have a number of earlier generation Atlantis Platforms surplus to stock which are currently available at a fraction of the normal price of $8000, at $3500 (USD).




Water Maze Pools

Refurbished ‘as new’ pool:

o White.
o 145 cm diameter.
o 44 cm depth.
o Uniform interior (no fixings or markings on the inside walls that could act as visual cues).
o Wheeled stand to position the pool at a more ergonomic working height, to help avoid back injury for the experimenter who has to bend over the pool repeatedly.
o Sturdy lockable swivel casters. Gives safe and easy pool movement when empty, while keeping stability during testing.

Also 20% off all new pools this month.

 HVS Image 4D VR for Human Subjects

We have one ex-demonstrator HVS Image 4D VR system and omnidirectional treadmill available for $15,000 this month.

Replicate animal work in humans with the HVS Image Virtual Morris Water Maze, where human subjects undertake the same task in high quality virtual reality and you get the same path plots, measures and analyses.

Or put human subjects into a suburban or indoor virtual environment for further spatial learning or other tasks. Contact us for further information.


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