What You Can Do with HVS Image 2017

HVS IMAGE 2017 Video Tracking for Animals & Humans and Human VR

Track Animals; track humans; carry out true virtual reality human analogs of all the traditional animal measures.
Video Track Animal Behavior flawlessly on both older and state of the art computers and monitors and on touch-enabled systems.
Running multiple experiment types is now easier than ever and you can track more mazes with less set-up time than other systems.
Use our more advanced but backwards compatible Master Experiment files for flexible experiment management.
Large range of scientific measures and analyses are provided within the HVS Image software.
Data can also be exported in MatLab File formats.
As always we offer remote support free of charge.
And with HVS Image you don’t need thousands of pages of help – it just works.

Experiments include but are not limited to animal and human equivalents of:

  • Morris Water Maze
  • Open Field Test
  • Novel Object Recognition
  • Multi-Arm Mazes such as T, Y, Elevated Plus and Radial Arm Maze
  • Porsolt Forced Swim Test
  • Barnes Maze
  • Dry Water Maze
  • Any experiment, established or new, for which you wish to monitor and analyze position, movement or activity, with subjects of any size, from fruit flies to rodents to humans to large animals.