Why Buy HVS Image

Speed, Simplicity and Efficiency in set up and in tracking and analysis

This is important as other systems can be so complex that much lab time is wasted trying to ensure the right data is acquired and the right analyses are used, or that only the basic options are used in order to save time. HVS Image 2016 is specifically designed to be quick and easy to use. All the data that may be needed in the analyses is acquired during trials, so the user can use any of the tests, measures and analyses and will not be stuck without the necessary data.

Reliability and Support

Help is rarely needed but is available by phone and email, with the option for us to come onto your PC remotely to diagnose and help you solve any lab set-up issues.

Range of Metrics and Scientific Analyses

A wide range of scientific measures and analyses are provided, allowing the investigator to spot effects that would otherwise be un-noticed, and find significance where other systems with fewer or less sophisticated analysis metrics might miss them – important for results, publications and progress in the field. Two or three years into your study those extra metrics may make the difference between finding an  effect that allows you to publish, get grants and go on to the next stage rather than just knowing that the effect should be there somewhere but having to give up.

Work with HVS Image to Pioneer New Techniques, Measures or Analyses

When scientists need something novel, HVS Image can provide it.

Option for full system or software only

Depending on your budget you can choose a full system where we provide all you need, set-up and ready to run out of the box, making best use of your time and focus, or you can minimize your costs by buying software only, which runs on readily available hardware.