Video Tracking and Behavioral Analysis

HVS Image helps you run your experiments, collect your data and analyze your results. Get the HVS software and equipment for Morris Water Maze and other experiments.

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Software, equipment or both?

HVS Image can supply you with everything you need to get your experiments up and running. You can choose software only, software and tracking equipment, and/or water maze pools or other mazes and arenas - whatever suits your plans and your budget.

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Available from HVS Image

Software Only

Minimize your costs. HVS is simple to install and run on generic equipment.

Full System

Have all your tracking equipment delivered by HVS, set up, tested and ready to run.

Pools, Mazes, Arenas

Get these made to your exact requirements, or ask for low cost versions for tight budgets.

Free Support

Enjoy three years free support including help with lab set-up as well as tracking and analysis.

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If you know HVS Image is what you need you can either buy online or request a formal quotation by phone or email. If you are not sure yet we'll be glad to hear about your plans and see how we can help. Call or email us now to get started.

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